Relocation and Outsourcing

We support you with your relocation and outsourcing of your own or your supplier’s production.

  • Temporary and permanent relocation
  • Small and large batches
  • Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum 
  • Stamped sheet parts, Deep-drawn parts, pressed parts, welded assemblies, pipe bending parts
  • Positioning and assembly tools and progressive tools
  • Acquisition of tools, devices, and machines

We offer you:

  • Short-term, fast readiness, and reaction
  • Professional management of your relocation incl. meeting of all customer claims
  • Extensive production possibilities

If you are interested, please contact:

Mr. Gerhard Jofen
Management, distribution, and project management
+43 (0)3142 22820 237
+43 (0)664 843 3155